City Target LA Grand Opening near UCLA

Today marks the official opening of City Target in LA, specifically, Westwood.

City Target LA

City Target LA in Westwood

I am impressed with all the marketing that led up to this opening.

I first noticed of course the window signs, which were very subtle.

But slowly you could see City Target LA online through a twitter feed. This feed grew to over 2,500 follows in just a matter of weeks. The social media aspect included several tweets per day (in my opinion, a bit too much) as well as contests. There were also giveaways to the pre-launch event that drew a lot of engagement with the audience.

While I am sure bloggers and journalists were invited to this event, I saw in particular that UCLA’s media and social team helped raise the awareness of the opening. As a key target audience (dorm and apartment goods severely lacking in the area), this was a home-run.

City Target LA incorporated local businesses as part of its marketing approach. While UCLA played a big role in this, City Target also chose a very effective partner – Sprinkles Cupcakes. This combination of a local, well known business further enhanced the buzz about the opening and got more people engaged with the store.

City Target LA also utilized outdoor advertising. Several billboards around Westwood and even a bit further out show the Target official opening day. These billboards were customized by mentioning Westwood specifically. So you didn’t feel like it was a generic corporate launch coming from headquarters.

Then to top it off – in case you didn’t see City Target online, or walk outside in the neighborhood, City Target also sent out a direct mail piece. This also included a promotional offer to entice you to visit.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the consistent and “roadblock” style multi-touch marketing tactics City Target used for it’s launch. Kudos to City Target LA and congratulations!

For more details about the store itself, visit these blogs:


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