McDonald’s – One of my favorites

This commercial ran during a superbowl, and I loved the ingenuity.

What makes this commercial great is it has excellent recall. Because of the baby in the video, they probably enjoyed unaided recall the next day as people talked about the commercial. One of the rare qualities I find in highly memorable or highly creative TV commercials is the brand’s recall.

This is where the ingenuity comes in. The McDonald’s logo and name appears repeatedly, and in a way where one would subconsciously mutter it to themselves in anticipation.

This has always been one of my favorite commercials. They pulled it from the air-waves because of complaints that it showed even a young baby realizing what a McDonald’s logo meant. While I agree in terms of food quality, I still have to give credit on an excellent creative design that was very effective.

McDonald's logo





One comment

  1. You know my thoughts on McDonald’s…that being said, I have to say Mickey D’s is a marketing powerhouse. They come up with some amazing stuff!

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