Microsoft Spending $1.5B (billion)

Few people realize the innovation that happens within Microsoft. Historically, even when there is something to talk about, the media or public hasn’t paid a lot of attention. That is changing now. Whether it is Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer driving this change, or it is being driven from outside forces – in recent months, Microsoft has been standing out more.

The new Microsoft Logo – autumn 2012

And reportedly, the ‘season of launch’ (SofL), as Microsoft calls it – comes with a $1.5B war-chest. Which helps.

If you take a look at some of the recent ads – they are much more “hip” and even aggressive.

Starting with the IE9 (internet explorer 9) awareness using the soundtrack for the current pop-charting song, Alex Clare’s “Too Close”.

Bing ads then came in, with a much more aggressive stance. Going head to head against google. In a campaign that attacks the market leader, Microsoft probably won over a few people who see they are an underdog and losing the aura of being a monopoly.

The Bing challenge campaign extends elsewhere on the internet – banner ads, and interactive “blind tests” which make the interaction engaging and fun for consumers.

The launch of the Surface on June 18th as a mystery announcement was really the start of all this change in personality. As the surface hits billboards, buildings, and other media – the hype is going to amplify, and it looks like Microsoft will have accomplished a massive re-definition – softening the personality and getting more people to notice Microsoft.

A re-branding effort can be a big challenge. For a well established brand, it can take years or decades – such as Range Rover / Land Rover in the U.S. (Range Rover was the model, not the company name). Branding is about perception, and you want to be very diligent about guiding the public on what perception you want them to have of your company or product.

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  1. I think it will take a long, long time before MSFT is as popular and commonplace as Apple. They need to appeal to a different demographic in my opinion…not the Apple-obsessed hipsters but rather the older crowd who is looking for something they deem more reliable and long-lasting. I think we can all agree that MSFT is that, at the very least.

    Good post.

  2. I feel at times, Apple always sets the trend and the rest decide to follow that trend at times claiming it to be different. I’m not a fan of Apple or a fan of a particular brand, I’m a fan of technology and innovation.

  3. medihadin · · Reply

    What do you think of the new Microsoft 80’s-90’s nostalgia ad?

    1. I am not sure I have seen that? Are you talking about the neon ads recently?

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