How do you get inspired by Intel?

When I think of Intel, I see them in a difficult position in terms of getting a customer to be interested in hearing from them. How excited do you get when you hear that Intel wants to say something to you? You usually conjure up ideas of them talking about their newest chip. How exciting can that be? Their products are in the majority of PCs and servers, but it’s different to see “Intel Inside” vs hearing directly from Intel.

So when I discovered this Intel Ultrabook campaign, I was very impressed. This was guerrilla style, but executed very elegantly. If there is one thing I have started to learn about Intel is that they go “all in” with their marketing efforts. This global effort is really entertaining to watch.

These videos are great- once you watch one, you can’t help but watch the other ones. It turns out they appeal to different characteristics as well.

This brings up how you can get viral with your videos, and whether to do videos. The answer is an unequivocal yes. While we all can drool at the 1 billion+ views from gangnan style, videos serve many purposes. As with Intel, it showed the humorous side of Intel – it helps bring personality and engagement with the customer. However, rich media can go beyond what words typed onto a webpage can convey. Whether it is live demonstrations, white-boarding, or talking about the product with enthusiasm – you can convey this much more effectively via video.

Creating and publishing videos does not have to involve big budgets. You can start simple with a video testimonial or an internal company spokesperson



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