Sleep Number as Important as SSN?

Sleep Number provides adjustable mattresses that can be customized dynamically by the sleeper. It has 400+ stores ranging from $1m-$2m+ per location.

Sleep Number brilliantly tied its campaigns to “What is your sleep number” to drive brand awareness and demand for their product.

What is brilliant about this is the commitment to CONSISTENCY. Whenever you come across a spokesperson or representative of the company, you see what their Sleep Number is. This is intriguing, and you feel that you can have your own personalized comfort level.

However, recently, I feel they took it a little too far. It’s great to get people to recognize a major feature product, going too far can also disenfranchise your audience, or result in a lower credibility.

I am a proponent of driving perception. Whenever possible, try to lead your customers’ perception, otherwise they will create and circulate their own. But when you do that … don’t stretch it too far.

In the latest campaign, where the Sleep Number is (and it appears they are serious) as paramount as one’s social security number, I think they went a bit far. Even making it as important as one’s phone number…

You aren’t likely to give out your phone number to people publicly, yet the Sleep Number is usually broadcast proudly. There is a major in-congruence here. And that is what drove me to comment on this campaign.

Nonetheless, Sleep Number has done a great job increasing its brand awareness. They do television commercials, radio spots (where I heard this in-congruence), and have a healthy share of outdoor billboard space. Of course this is also augmented by print.

I am a big fan of their ascent in growing their brand. They have taken a lot of the right steps in establishing their brand, differentiating it, and reaching mass appeal. With over 100,000 fans on facebook – Sleep Number seems to have engagement with a number of consumers as well. And recently, the company had an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show – furthering their solid establishment as a national brand in sleep.

The question marketers face in branding campaigns is showing ROI. It appears Sleep Number’s management believes in the brand and supporting the brand awareness activities. Sleep Number has run internal unaided brand awareness tests and sees growth. As I see more radio spots, and more billboards popping up – I am lead to believe they are seeing the results in same store sales growth – which helps continue to justify the growth. Sometimes it can take time, and sometimes you have to invest ahead of the results.

sleep number billboard outdoor ad



  1. Their ridiculously dramatic ad did serve the purpose of getting consumer’s attention…can’t say I’d ever purchase one of their products though….

  2. SSNismoreimportant · · Reply

    you know what numbers more important than your sleep number? the number on their price tags. sleep number beds are a rip off

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