Guerrilla Too Far?

Where is the line drawn when you have a well thought out guerrilla tactic, and something that pushes the line?

With the anticipation mounting about the Royal Baby, The Sun in UK hired William and Kate lookalikes that came out of a black car with security, ran up the stairs as people took pictures, and from their higher perch, where everyone could see them, revealed T-shirts citing “No. 1 for royal baby news.” along with The Sun’s logo.

royal baby prank

Brilliant? Or crossing the line? Some people were so tense about capturing this moment, that they felt this pulled too hard on their emotions. Others thought this was a brilliant tactic.

Another case –, during it’s initial days would try to taunt its much larger competitors, such as Oracle. In one instance, they pre-rented all the taxis in a remote city during a conference. During the 45 minute complimentary taxi ride, they would explain their value proposition. Brilliant? A nice luxury for a company plush with cash? Antagonizing for the competitor who is riding in the taxi… being attacked on their “home turf”?

It all depends on the industry and relationship of players in the field – one upp’ing one another can be sportsman-like, but there are probably some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

Using guerrilla tactics can be very effective – but you need to execute by paying attention to details. If the lookalikes had not been professional, or they stepped out of a non-limo, or didn’t have a security detail would miss out on the details. While this wasn’t a low budget production – it was done in a casual and fun way that really showed the creativity of the advertiser.

In the end, creativity is great- make sure you are memorable and can attain unaided recall – have people bring up your name and talk about you without any leading questions.


One comment

  1. Not sure about the guerilla aspect of this marketing ploy…I’m still trying to understand the general public’s obsession with Kate and Will and an infant?

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