Is Apple a “Trusted Brand”

Entrepreneur Magazine had a story on the most trusted brands. They recognized Apple in one of these categories. What is it that has led to Apple’s explosive growth?

Apple Retail Store in NYC, 5th Avenue

Apple Retail Store in NYC, 5th Avenue

One point as you look back is how Apple made something complicated not only simple, but beautiful too. Apple has managed to create new categories and dominate in industries where it had no prior presence.

The Apple brand has always been strong, and almost cult like. How many other brands can launch a new product and have people wait in lines for hours to get the product – even though they could just order them online?

Apple has managed to stay very focused on delivering an experience to its customers. That experience is well solidified in its brand. The takeaway here is to be able to define a brand by the actions. It’s not what you say, but what you do.

Breaking down the Brand Experience:

First Impression: Whether you see a product in a store, or you see it online – Apple tries to make the viewing experience simple, elegant, beautiful. Apple tends to spend significant effort on ensuring the initial experience is representative of their brand.

The Consumption: When you first open an iPhone package or you install an app – the elegance continues to reinforce what you were led to believe with the initial experience.

Apple Retail Store, sample

Apple Retail Store, sample


Defining your brand, establishing guiding principles helps ensure that all aspects of your organization can support the brand.



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  1. Apple is popular strictly due to the LA hipster crowd who have a ton of disposable income and need Apple products in order to qualify to utilize the wifi and “work” at their local Starbucks.

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