We’re in an Era where Marketers Are…

marketing new don new era

Marketing Was Fluff

There was a time when marketing was considered a cost center – it was about marketing fluff. We are way beyond that mentality, and that reality. Now, you hear terms like revenue marketing and marketing departments that are held to their own P&L with goals to bring in marketing qualified leads and track them through closure. It is refreshing to see we are well into a new era.

Marketing as a Science

Today, marketers that have a statistics background are in the front seat. Analytical backgrounds allow for curiosity, asking the right kinds of questions, and breaking down massive amounts of data.

Marketers in this day and age have access to tools that make it easy to measure everything. This is truly a science – there is a hypothesis, we test, we refine, and we re-test. Most marketers follow the mantra, always be testing.

Skill Sets in Demand

Wherever I turn, it looks like there is a job posting – actually, it is a desperate job posting to immediately fill a digital marketer of some sort – whether it is earned media, paid media – digital skill sets are in high demand. The interesting thing, and what makes this even more scarce of a resource is the lack of formal certifications out there. A few organizations now offer formal certificates – but you normally do not see many degrees or emphasis in Digital Marketing – this is a skill set based on experience. And until you bring this resource in – you can’t tell whether they are going to understand the business and translate that into awareness, traffic, leads…

Now is the Time to Invest

Given the scarcity and the traction that many organizations are already seeing in digital – it is important to identify resources (whether they are in-house or external) that can help you with a digital marketing strategy and execution. Once competitors in your industry start moving ahead, it gets expensive to catch back up.

What are Marketers to You?

There is no denying we are in a new era. How would you finish the title heading? Marketers are … ?


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