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Is Apple a “Trusted Brand”

Entrepreneur Magazine had a story on the most trusted brands. They recognized Apple in one of these categories. What is it that has led to Apple’s explosive growth? One point as you look back is how Apple made┬ásomething complicated not only simple, but beautiful too. Apple has managed to create new categories and dominate in […]

How do you get inspired by Intel?

When I think of Intel, I see them in a difficult position in terms of getting a customer to be interested in hearing from them. How excited do you get when you hear that Intel wants to say something to you? You usually conjure up ideas of them talking about their newest chip. How exciting […]

What is Roku Thinking?

I have to admit, when I heard these new Roku radio ads and other spots, I really wondered what the marketing folks at Roku were thinking – were they hoping that these ads would drive brand awareness? I first saw an outdoor ad, following the US Presidential Election. Its interesting to see this $10M outdoor […]

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Microsoft Spending $1.5B (billion)

Few people realize the innovation that happens within Microsoft. Historically, even when there is something to talk about, the media or public hasn’t paid a lot of attention. That is changing now. Whether it is┬áChris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer driving this change, or it is being driven from outside forces – in recent months, […]