This commercial ran during a superbowl, and I loved the ingenuity. What makes this commercial great is it has excellent recall. Because of the baby in the video, they probably enjoyed unaided recall the next day as people talked about the commercial. One of the rare qualities I find in highly memorable or highly creative […]

Target Stores

Today marks the official opening of City Target in LA, specifically, Westwood. I am impressed with all the marketing that led up to this opening. I first noticed of course the window signs, which were very subtle. But slowly you could see City Target LA online through a twitter feed. This feed grew to over […]

I have a passion for marketing – and I have opinions on marketing going on around me – especially marketing aimed at consumers. So finally, I decided to talk about it online. As I see campaigns from consumer facing companies, I will add my own thoughts on the strategy, tactics, execution of these for discussion […]